The Philippines may begin exporting pig meat to Malaysia in early 2012, pending the approval of a triple A slaughterhouse facility by Malaysian regulators, according to agriculture officials.

The owners of the slaughterhouse filed for accreditation in October, and a team from Malaysia's Department of Veterinary Services must visit the facility before it can give the approval to begin shipments. “Our target is to start shipping 100 tons of pork per month there,” said Jane C. Bacayo, executive director of the Philippines' National Meat Inspection Service. "[Malaysia's] requirement is 1,000 heads per day." According to Bacayo, Malaysia wants to buy pork from the Philippines so they will have an available supply for tourists.


In December 2009, the Philippines voluntarily suspended a shipment of pork to Singapore after detecting the Ebola Reston virus in a farm in Luzon. In May, the country received certification from the World Organization for Animal Health that it was completely free of foot-and-mouth disease without the need for vaccination.

The Philippines also has plans for expansion, and has earmarked P180 million (US$4.16 million) for the construction of five triple A slaughterhouses in 2012.