Brazil exported US$8.85 billion in poultry products in 2011, an all-time high and up 19.7% from 2010 numbers, according to the Brazilian Poultry Union. Volume shipped increased by 2.3%, to 4.118 million metric tons, and the average price of chicken increased by 17.4%, to US$2,093 per metric ton.

Chicken exports played a main role in the overall increase in poultry exports, increasing by 21.2% in revenues to US$8.253 billion over 2010 numbers. Egg exports decreased in both revenues and volume in 2011, dropping by 31% (US$28.2 million) in revenues and 40% (16,600 metric tons) in volume compared with 2010. Turkey exports reached 141,200 metric tons, a 10.5% decline in volume shipped; however, revenues increased by 4.7% and reached US$444.6 million. The average export price for turkey in 2011 was US$3,149 per metric ton, up 17% from 2010 numbers.


Exports of duck, goose and other birds reached 1,640 metric tons, 61.2% less than in 2010. Revenues dropped by 40.2% and reached US$6.99 million. Average prices, however, still rose by 54% compared with 2010 numbers, reaching US$4.274 per metric ton.

Saudi Arabia was the leading importer of Brazilian chicken, with a 16% share. Next came the European Union countries (12%), Japan (11%), Hong Kong (9%), the United Arab Emirates (5%), China, Venezuela and South Africa (5% each), Kuwait (4%) and Iraq (3%).