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Avian Influenza / Poultry Health & Disease / Poultry Welfare
on January 12, 2012

Hong Kong resumes chicken sales after bird flu ban

Virus warning lowered from 'serious' to 'alert'

Hong Kong has resumed fresh chicken sales after the end of a 21-day ban imposed just before Christmas due to an H5N1 virus outbreak, according to reports.

Three rounds of inspection on all 30 chicken farms in Hong Kong have been completed, with no abnormalities found, said York Chow Yat-ngok, secretary for food and health. The government also tested 4,500 samples collected from local farms. "Taking all observations and analysis together, we believe that the risk of avian influenza in Hong Kong — especially to humans — has more or less stabilized, and the supply of live poultry can resume as scheduled," said Chow.

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