Poultry meat maintained its position as the most consumed meat in Chile in 2011, a year in which per-capita meat consumption grew by 2.6% to reach 84.2 kg, according to the country's Ministry of Agriculture.

This places Chile at a level that matches Food and Agriculture Organization estimates for developed countries and is practically double the average of 42 kg that is the estimated per-capita consumption at a worldwide level, said Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol. "Our main meat consumed, with 36.1 kg per inhabitant annually, is poultry meat, of which 4.7 kg is turkey. In second place is pig meat, with 25.7 kg, followed by beef with 21.7 kg."


Since 1998, poultry meat has been consumers’ preferred meat, overtaking the position once held by beef, said Mayol. This change has been the result of major advances by the industry, which is able to offer a product that is more economically attractive than other meats and is healthy and easy to prepare.

However, despite a sustained increase in production over the last decade — averaging 3% per annum — there have been difficulties, including a loss of slaughter capacity in 2007 due to a fire in a major slaughter plant and an earthquake in 2011. But in 2011 production recovered, said Mayol, and the year ended with production thought to be close to 650,000 tons — the highest level ever recorded and double 1995’s production level.