Poultry and pig producers in the Republic of Ireland have agreed to a new approach for the control and management of manure from Integrated Pollution Control licensed installations following discussions with the country’s Environmental Protection Agency.

The agreement should deliver an improved service to these operators by reducing the administrative burden and avoiding any potential duplication of effort, while ensuring continued protection of the environment and retaining effective control of use of such fertilizer. The control and management of organic fertilizers from licensed poultry and pig units is subject to controls under various EU directives and was therefore subject to controls from the Environment Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The new agreement will see the department conducting the required checks on the use of poultry or pig manure and providing necessary reports to the agency.


“This agreement will significantly assist the industry and make the transfer of pig and poultry manure to both new users and existing farms much easier," said Simon Coveney, minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. "It will also help towards achieving compliance with the transitional arrangement put in place for the industry as part of the Review of Ireland’s Nitrates Action Program.”