January saw Brazil’s exports of pig meat increase in volume by 8.47 percent and in value by 4.08 percent, compared with January 2011.

The country shipped 37,756 tons of pig meat with a value of US$96.82 million. The average price of exports fell by 4.05% over the month, according to Abipecs, the Brazilian pig meat producers’ and exporters’ association.


The first month of 2012 saw 37 percent of shipments go to Hong Kong, while Russia slipped back to sixth place in terms of importance, behind Hong Kong, Ukraine, Argentina, Angola and Singapore. January’s figures were also boosted by exports to China, which started in late 2011. Sales to Ukraine reached 5,140 tons during January, an increase of 473.43 percent by volume and 419.25 percent in value. To Hong Kong, shipments rose by 99.5 percent in volume and 122.48 percent in value, with Brazil exporting 13,900 tons of pig meat worth US$33.8 million.

Despite achieving successes in many markets, the Russian market continued to be disappointing, with volumes down by 85.46 percent and the value of exports falling by 85.92 percent.