Pig production in Russia, Poland and the Baltic states will be put under the microscope at the annual congress of the European Pig Producers in Vilnius in Lithuania, Eastern Europe, at the end of May.

Producers from across the continent are expected to attend the event, from May 30 to June 1, which will also consider the global overview for pork consumption, production and trade, as well as strategies against pig diseases. Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, Big Dutchman Pig Equipment and Topigs SNW, the meeting is expected to be of particular interest because of the venue on the borders of the European Union.


“There are a couple of big issues that make this venue of particular interest — currency and African swine fever,” said a spokesman for the European Pig Producers. “Exports out of Europe with a weakened Euro, added to the predicted drop in production, could give quite a firm marketplace and if the wild boar population gets increasingly infected with [African swine fever] it might make the traffic in weaner pigs less of an option in the future."

Delegates will also get an opportunity to visit typical pig farms and feeding plants near Vilnius to give them a practical look insight into pig farming in the region.