In an effort to boost egg consumption for weekday breakfasts, the American Egg Board has announced the launch of its new national advertising campaign, "Wake Up to Eggs." The campaign includes magazine ads, online banners, radio spots and in-store signage.

The advertising effort is the result of a thorough review of existing research by the American Egg Board, as well as qualitative and quantitative consumer studies to identify the best opportunities to increase demand. Weekday breakfast in American households, where less than one in five features eggs, was recognized as a key growth area. Consumer message testing found that the fact that eggs are lower in cholesterol and higher in vitamin D than previously thought was motivating and generated positive feelings about the healthfulness of eggs with consumers. The new marketing strategy aims to leverage "new news" to keep eggs top-of-mind and drive purchase.

The impact of the "Wake up to Eggs" advertising campaign will be carefully measured by the American Egg Board, and the results will be used to strengthen efforts moving forward.


For more information about the campaign, read: American Egg Board asks America to 'Wake up to Eggs' in 2012.