The Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group will hold its first international symposium, "Intestinal Health Management in Tomorrow's Poultry Industry," on March 28–29 in Ghent, Belgium.

The event will focus on intestinal health issues in poultry, highlighting the group's interest in opening discussions with the scientific community, consultants and poultry veterinarians aiming to promote health and welfare in poultry production. The objective, according to the group, is to provide insights in the pathogenesis of the intestinal health problems, to provide tools to diagnose intestinal health problems for which antibiotic usage is either or not justified, and to provide information on alternatives to antibiotics used according to best practice to promote intestinal health in animals.


Registration is open until March 6 and can be confirmed by sending an email to The event is being sponsored by Kemin Industries Inc. and Ghent University's Food 2 Know Center of Excellence.