Canada’s Poultry Research Centre at the University of Alberta was established in 1986 by the poultry industry, the University of Alberta and the provincial government. It was set up to be active in research covering production efficiency through to food quality assessment and consumer preferences. In 2005, its mission was expanded to also focus on value-added products.

The center is primarily a team of scientists who have established and maintain strong working relationships between themselves and other research teams around the world. It is guided by an advisory board with members drawn from the industry, research, the university, and Alberta Agriculture and Food.

The center is located at the University of Alberta Edmonton Research Station. Its facilities support the major research programs of reproductive efficiency in meat poultry, chickens and turkeys, controlled environmental research, nutrition, production efficiency and economics, value-added product development, packing and food safety research.

Various facilities are located at the Edmonton site, including a federally inspected poultry slaughter/processing plant and a refrigerated laboratory space for meat processing and product development.


There is also a federally accredited hatchery with high-quality egg storage facilities, equipment to monitor embryo metabolism, three 5,000-egg capacity incubators, incubators and a chick processing area.

Additionally, there is a broiler breeder research facility, a housing and rearing facility, breeder floor pens, carcass and egg quality laboratory, laying hen housing, a metabolic unit, and a feed milling facility, among others.

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