Member companies of The Poultry Federation donated 4,300 cartons of eggs and various chicken and turkey products totaling 48,000 pounds to the Arkansas Foodbank.

The donation, according to the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, will help the organization in its mission to reduce hunger through a unified effort to provide hunger relief, education and advocacy. “These groups and many state agencies, businesses, faith groups, federal organizations and individuals have responded to the needs of many low-income families by finding ways to help them access healthy, affordable food," said Joyce Hardy, director of the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance. "This very generous donation from members of The Poultry Federation helps us move closer to our goal to end childhood hunger in Arkansas by 2015."


Companies donating food included Butterball LLC, Cal-Maine Foods Inc., Cargill Inc., George’s Inc., Keith Smith Co., O.K. Industries Inc., Peco Foods Inc., Pilgrim’s Corp., Simmons Foods Inc., Tyson Foods Inc. and Wayne Farms LLC.