Mexico's poultry, pork, beef and other meat exports were up 41 percent in 2011, reaching 210,325 tons of meat worth $937 million, according to the country's Agriculture Secretariat. Mexico exported 149,136 tons of meat in 2010.


Poultry exports totaled $16 million, pork exports totaled $323 million, beef exports came in at $532 million, sales of other types of meat totaled $34 million and sales of meat byproducts totaled $32 million, according to the secretariat's data. Japan was the top buyer of Mexican meat in 2011, importing 78,292 tons. The U.S. came in second with 66,463 tons; Russia was third with 28,541 tons; and South Korea was fourth with 16,217 tons, said the secretariat. Angola, Benin, Ghana, Kazakhstan and Nigeria were also notable importers.