Namibia will begin producing its own poultry in mid-May, upon completion of Namibia Poultry Industry, which is currently under construction and includes facilities such as breeder farms, layer farms, a hatchery and broiler houses.

The abattoir is expected to be operational to receive the first birds for slaughter on April 18, according to Namibia Poultry Industry's general manager Gys White. Construction of the poultry farm on Klein Okapuka is nearing completion and most of the other structures have already been finished. Final installation and commissioning of equipment will take place in March and April. All three rearing complexes of the breeder farm have been stocked with parent stock, and the first placement will be transferred to the first six laying farms in the week of March 16.


To date, Namibia has imported its poultry products from countries such as South Africa and Brazil.