In 2011, total U.S exports of broiler products totaled 6.99 billion pounds, 3.3 percent higher than 2010 numbers, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture report.

Most of the growth was due to record shipments in the third quarter of 2011, totaling fractionally less than 2 billion pounds. Although shipments to Canada during 2011 rose by 12 percent, much of the growth in shipments was to Asian countries. Exports to the Philippines, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan all increased more than 20 percent from 2010, totaling almost 1.2 billion pounds or around 17 percent of all broiler exports. Although exports to Mexico rose by only 4.2 percent, the gain was enough to increase shipments to that country to over 1 billion pounds.


Broiler exports in January were 9 percent higher than the same time in 2011, totaling 506 million pounds. Most of the increase was due to higher shipments to a number of countries that are normally small importers. Exports to Mexico continue to be very strong, totaling 88.7 million pounds 4.5 percent higher than 2011 numbers. Shipments were also up strongly to Taiwan and Cuba, totaling 30.2 and 27 million pounds, respectively. The gains to these countries were partially offset by declines to several countries such as Hong Kong, Angola and Guatemala. 

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