Tanzania Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda is launching the Research into Use Programme knowledge outputs, lessons and recommendations gathered from implementing the initial program between June 2008 and June 2011. The knowledge outputs focus on developing indigenous poultry farming with an eye towards increased productivity and competitiveness.

The main objective of the program in Tanzania is to explore and facilitate ways of improving local innovation capacity for increased use of research, new knowledge and technologies in developing profitable agribusiness enterprises. The program works towards improved communication and harmonization for effective sharing and influencing local, national and international policy agendas. It ensures that activities at country level are aligned with ongoing agricultural and natural resources development initiatives as well as relevant national and sectoral strategies in the country.


According to Vera Florida Mugittu, Research into Use Tanzania country coordinator, the available knowledge can create employment, reduce poverty and improve living standards as well as enhance nutrition. “We will present policy briefs that can potentially change the outlook of the poultry industry by promoting a wide-scale application of new knowledge for development of farms, hatcheries and input supplies,” said Mugittu.