The government of Bangladesh is considering allowing egg imports to help reduce local market prices, according to the country's Ministry of Commerce, which says that the price of eggs has gone up excessively for no discernible reason in the last couple weeks of March.

Eggs were selling in the local market between Tk 102 (US$1.25) and Tk 108 (US$1.32) per dozen on March 28, compared to between Tk 84 (US$1.03) and Tk 90 (US$1.10) during the same time in February. In 2011, a dozen eggs sold for between Tk 66 (US$0.81) and Tk 69 (US$0.84), so prices have increased 55 percent in the last year, according to Export Promotion Bureau statistics.


Ministry of Commerce officials said they will sit with egg producers and ask them to bring egg prices down within seven days. "If the price does not come to a tolerable level, traders will be allowed to import egg from abroad," said an official. Producers, on the other hand, say production is down from 15 million pieces per day to 5 million pieces per day, and that prices have increased legitimately. The government should allow the import of parent stock and bird flu vaccines, as well as bring poultry firms under regulation, to lower egg prices, say producers.