PIC and Uni-rich Agro Industrial Corp. have entered into a supply agreement for Uni-rich to allocate a 500-sow module for Grandparent stock to produce Camborough 24 parent gilts. The agreement will make more gilts available to PIC customers and support conversion of the 1,000-sow Uni-rich commercial herd to 100 percent PIC genetics, according to the two companies.


“We are delighted about this development with Uni-rich, and we’re honored for the trust that has been given to PIC through the years," said Emmanuel Go, PIC sales and marketing manager. "Having high standards not only in genetics, but also in health and technical services, they have seen a competent partner in PIC that has and will continue to deliver their requirements.” Uni-rich has invested in an automated truck disinfection facility, shower-in shower-out facility, reconstruction of employees’ quarters, and subdivision of the farm into two modules to comply with PIC's health assurance program.