Wholesale egg prices in India may drop due to an Oman ban on Indian poultry products, which went into effect on March 27 and will remain until three months after India has declared itself free of bird flu, according to reports.

So far, the ban has caused a backlog of 15 million to 20 million eggs per day, as Oman is the source of one-third of India's poultry exports. Wholesale egg prices have dropped to Rs 2.30 (US$0.04) per egg in the first week of April. “With table eggs and other poultry products going off the menu in many Gulf nations, we turned our focus towards new markets such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka [and] West African countries such as Monrovia, Angola and Free Town," said an exporter. "But with this ban we are now very doubtful of our fortunes.”


The National Egg Coordination Committee had been cutting egg prices to help offset the challenge and avoid building up inventories as the summer season approaches.