Alltech has announced its regional winners of the 2012 Young Scientist Competition, which garnered the recipients all-expenses-paid trips to the 2012 Alltech Young Scientist Global Competition in Lexington, Ky., as well as new iPads and $500/$1000.

The winners are:



  • Graduate: Anna Kiseleva, Russian State Agrarian University; Moscow, Russia; “Complex molecular genetic testing on increasing the litter size in pigs”
  • Undergraduate: Olena Nesterenko, Sumy National Agrarian University; Ukraine; “Development of and prevention of campylobacteriosis – Quality and safe poultry products”

North America

  • Graduate: Qian Wang, University of California, Davis; U.S.; “Effects of inorganic versus organic copper on denitrification and nitrous oxide reductase activity in peat soil”
  • Undergraduate: Hannah Leventhal, Kansas State University; U.S.; “The addition of Megasphaera elsdenii to in vitro cultures of equine cecal microorganisms fed starch or fructan”

Latin America

  • Graduate: Alejandra Espinoza, Universidad de Chile; Chile; “Effects of dietary iron overload in pigs with induced type 2 diabetes mellitus”
  • Undergraduate: Gisele Greghi, Universidade de São Paulo; Brazil; “Organic selenium combined with vitamin E and sunflower oil in the diet of lactating dairy cows: the production benefits of nutrition and animal and human health”

Asia Pacific

  • Graduate: Mohd Ashraf Rather, Central Institute of Fisheries Education; India; “Chitosan-conjugated hormone nanoparticles sustain surge of gonadotropins and enhance reproductive output in female fish”
  • Undergraduate: Dilan Rasika Dissanayaka, University of Peradeniya; Sri Lanka; “Milks fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae K7 and Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis NBRC 12007 partially inhibit the activity of Angiotensin l-Converting Enzyme (ACE)”