A WATT-Rennier Poultry Confidence Index poll (take the new survey) shows that nearly 60 percent of the respondents in the poultry industry think they will be better off financially in the next 12 months (see chart). However, only 40 percent said they were confident in U.S. financial markets.

These numbers were reversed for the general consumer population. Among this wider audience, a majority were confident in the U.S. financial markets while only a minority felt they would be financially better over the next year.

It’s not clear why these differences exist, but regardless, poultry industry workers are more confident in their own outcome even if it is not driven by the U.S. financial markets. The Poultry Confidence Index has recently risen faster than the Consumer Confidence Index. These findings support the conclusion that the poultry industry may likely perform better than the general market over the near term.


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