In 2010 and 2011, the sow herd of Kaliningrad-based Russian Baltic Pork Invest increased from 3,100 sows to 6,200 sows, leading to weekly slaughter that grew from 2,000 pigs to 4,000 pigs, according to the company's latest report.

The company puts a high emphasis on biosecurity, surrounding its farm with high fences and guards 24/7. The structure is based on separated sections for breeding and gestation, farrowing, weaning and slaughter pigs. A quarantine unit for replacement stock is separated from the main herd, and a disinfectant bath is available for incoming vehicles.


During 2011, an average 32.3 piglets were weaned per sow. There was a low mortality and high growth rate among growers and slaughter pigs. There are plans to expand business with at least ten new farms in Russia in the coming years, according to the company.