Australian pig expert Dr. Paul Hughes is expected to provide a clear and possibly challenging view on the practicalities of breeding, herd management and how to improve performance when he addresses two special Two-Tonne Sow events for English pig producers on May 9 and 10.

Hughes will be drawing on years of pig farming experience and his research at the South Australian Research and Development Institute when he speaks at the events, which are entitled, “Reproduction: What’s New?” and have been organized by the British Pig Executive. “New ideas and advice on how they can be put into practice are invaluable, as we help the English industry increase production,” said BPEX knowledge transfer manager Angela Cliff. Key meeting topics are gestation management (housing and feeding), seasonal infertility, feeding for litter size and lactational oestrus.


Other speakers at the meetings will include Mick Hazzeldine from Premier Nutrition and Dr. Steven Jagger from ABN.