Alltech’s 28th Annual International Symposium, held May 20–23 in Lexington, Ky., will address the challenges of the increasing global population, evolving regulations and the publicity of food safety through its dedicated regulatory session, featuring expert speakers from leading regulatory organizations and influencers.

“Agriculture is at a crossroad between competitiveness, trade, safety and sustainability," said Jean Kennedy, European regulatory affairs manager for Alltech. "Minimum standards of feed safety are often not enough. Businesses are going beyond these minimum standards for several reasons including strict retailer procurement policies, brand/reputation management and consumer demand. This regulatory session will address both feed safety and trade against the backdrop of these competing demands.”

Regulatory focused session topics will include:
Feed Safety


  • Key Challenges to Sub-Saharan Feed Safety and Regulation
  • Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Japanese Case Study: Crisis Management
  • Quality Assurance – A marketing ploy or a risk reduction strategy?

Feed Trade

  • Ensuring Compliance Across International Boundaries
  • Do Better Standards Mean Safer, Better Foods?
  • 5 Trends that Might Concern You – Reviewing the regulatory scene
  • Feeding 9 billion people: A unique challenge for the world’s feed industry

Featured presenters at the regulatory session will be De Wet Boshoff, executive director of the African Feed Manufacturers Association; Mario Cutait, chairman of the International Feed Industry Federation; Joe Hain, deputy director, Processed Products and Technical Regulations Division, Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Keith Millar, head of Animal Feed Unit and Secretary to the Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs, Food Standards Agency, United Kingdom; Joel Newman, president of the American Feed Industry Association; Ashley Peterson, National Chicken Council, United States; Katsuaki Sugiura, professor at the University of Tokyo Research Center for Food Safety; Patrick Wall, professor of Public Health at the University College Dublin, Ireland.

The symposium is expected to draw more than 2,500 delegates from around the world. Registration is discounted through April 14.