The government of Canada has given more than $600,000 to the Atlantic Poultry Research Institute to conduct feed and health research, investing in six different projects that focus on better nutrients and improved disease resistance for the Atlantic region's poultry sector while benefitting consumers across the country.

The funding includes support for projects that will identify ways to increase omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants in chickens and eggs, as well as assess ways to improve flock health and reduce disease. "Our government's top priority remains the economy, and the Atlantic region's poultry sector is an important contributor to keeping our economy strong," said Member of Parliament Scott Armstrong. "This investment in research will keep our poultry producers competitive by ensuring they continue to improve upon their quality products in order to meet the demands of today's health conscious consumer."


The six projects benefitting from the investment, being delivered through the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program, are:

  • Nutritive evaluation of cold-pressed meals for broiler chickens ($191,743)
  • Utilization of crab meal to optimize long chain moega-3 fatty acid enrichment of eggs from hens of different genetic background ($52,000)
  • The efficacy of lysozyme as an alternative to antibiotics for broiler chickens ($148,314)
  • Evaluation of simple sugars and short chain fatty acids on early chick growth and intestinal development ($72,509)
  • Vaccination response in layers fed omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources ($15,000)