The volume of pig meat exported by Brazil in March rose by 6.93 percent, while the value of exports was 3.02 percent higher in comparison to March of 2011, according to data released by the country's pig meat and producers association, Abipecs.

Over the first quarter of 2012, exports rose 3.45 percent by volume and 0.73 percent in value. In March alone, the country exported 47,367 tons, with a value of US$121.01 million. From January to March, figures stand at 122,249 tons and US$313.36 million.


Hong Kong remains the principal destination for Brazilian pig meat exports, accounting for 30 percent of exports so far in 2012. Ukraine has been the second most important market, followed by Russia, Angola and Singapore. “While Russia may have resumed purchasing from four Brazilian facilities, the country is still performing poorly as an export market," said Pedro de Camargo Neto, president of Abipecs.