Russia may set a record for wheat, corn and legume exports in the 2011–2012 marketing year ending June 30, according to the Institute for Agricultural Markets.

The previous record for wheat shipments was 18.1 million metric tons, set in 2009–2010, but projections expect the current year to see 20 million metric tons of wheat leave the country. Corn exports have reached 1.2 million metric tons in the current season, only 100,000 metric tons short of the previous record, set in 2008–2009. Exports of legumes reached an all-time high of 600,000 metric tons, according to the institute. Total exports for 2011–2012 are expected to reach 26 million metric tons.


Carryover-stocks of wheat may reach as much as 11.5 million metric tons by the time the new season starts on July 1, which may allow Russia to export 17 million to 18 million metric tons next season, provided weather conditions let farmers reap a similar crop to the 2011–2012 harvest. Total grains exports in 2012–2013 are seen at between 21 million and 22 million metric tons, according to the institute.