Over six in 10 primary shoppers in the UK say they support the Red Tractor quality mark and are positively influenced by it when choosing which food they buy, according to a survey by YouGov. The number has increased by over 16 percent versus 2011, driving greater demand for the logo to be featured on front of food packs.

Almost 95 percent of British poultry is produced to Red Tractor standards, which insist on recognized training for stockmen, twice-daily inspection, strict biosecurity and a host of other health, welfare and food safety requirements.


The research also highlighted a significant increase in consumer understanding of the Red Tractor logo’s core values compared with 2011, with a third of primary shoppers referencing “food safety and traceability….knowing where your food has come from” as important to the logo, an increase of 13 percent.

“We are really pleased with the findings from the YouGov research," said Richard Cattell, Red Tractor head of marketing. "The results demonstrate that Red Tractor is increasingly being recognized by consumers, with the majority of key shoppers understanding that Red Tractor stands for safe, quality food with a guarantee of origin. With support for the logo at just under two-thirds of UK shoppers, people are increasingly understanding that Red Tractor makes a difference.”