World Veterinary Day, held on April 28, focused on antimicrobial resistance and the importance of the responsible use of antimicrobials, sending the message to attending veterinarians that antimicrobial resistance is a serious problem for both human and animal health.


“Preserving the efficacy of antimicrobials for use in people is vital, but the fact remains that they are also needed to treat animals," said Carl Padgett, president of the British Veterinary Association. "Antibiotics are a vital tool in our armory to combat animal diseases and the global veterinary profession must ensure they are used prudently and responsibly if we are to avoid a crisis." Antimicrobial resistance will be discussed at the 2012 British Veterinary Association Congress (to be held in Liverpool from September 28 to 29) in a debate that will consider the issues from both a veterinary and public health perspective.