Chicken producer Faccenda Group Ltd. has purchased the UK’s second-largest turkey producer, Cranberry Foods Ltd., which supplies UK supermarkets and the food service sector.

The deal will see Faccenda become one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, with a turnover of some GBP 400 million. “This is an exciting and important acquisition for Faccenda and its employees, making us one of the UK’s largest food producers," said Andy Dawkins, Faccenda managing director. "The clear synergies between our two businesses mean our customers will continue to enjoy an expert and trusted service, while allowing us to grow the scale and range of our products.”


Faccenda was founded in 1962 and supplies produce and services to many of the UK’s largest sellers of chicken. The company employs 2,000 people across hatcheries, farms, feed mills and processing plants. Cranberry Foods has 750 employees and turnover of some GBP 100 million (US$162 million). Its factory sites include processing plants in Scropton, Derbyshire and Abergavenny, while its farming operations stretch from Yorkshire to South Wales. The business, founded in 2003, has breeding, hatching and growing facilities.