With life getting faster and online shopping boosting in recent years, China's meat products have gained new opportunities for sales through non-traditional avenues like the Internet, according to reports, and many Chinese companies are taking advantage of this new marketing mode.

Hunan New Wellful Co. Ltd. launched a new series of cold and fresh meat products at the end of 2009 for which telephone and online orders, as well as cold chain home delivery, were accepted. At the end of 2011, Yurun Group promoted its pig meat products at Taobao.com, the biggest E-commerce platform in China, allowing group purchases at a lower price. In March 2012 the company offered cold and fresh meat coupons at Taobao Mall (a branch of Taobao.com) and began an online-to-offline marketing mode, allowing customers to pay for meat online, buy it offline and enjoy after-sale service offline.


As the consumption structure of meat is changing, sales channels will vary accordingly in the future, say the companies.