Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC is launching an industry initiative, the Feeding for 30 Program, which builds on the industry goal of achieving 30 pigs per sow per year, and aims to promote proper sow management and nutrition practices to boost performance starting in the gestation and farrowing barns and continuing through all growing phases. 

Through the Feeding for 30 Program, Land O’Lakes Purina Feed and other industry experts are offering collaborative insights and management information to swine producers striving to achieve the industry goal of 30 pigs per sow per year. According to researchers behind the program, meeting the benchmark of 30 pigs per sow per year has economic and herd health benefits. Sow nutrition is highlighted as a priority to meet the industry goal while maintaining longevity within herds.


“As input prices continue to rise and global pork demand amplifies, increased efficiency is fundamental in the U.S. swine market,” said Elena Lindemann, lactating livestock marketing director with Land O’Lakes Purina Feed. “In addition to improving a producer’s bottom line potential, properly feeding sows can promote their health and well-being — allowing better potential of achieving 30 healthy piglets weaned each year. We hope this initiative will provide useful insights and tips producers can use to support rebreeding rates, colostrum quality, birth weights and lactation performance for optimal pre-weaning pig growth and lifetime potential.”