Global Green Inc. has received the final report on the model efficacy study conducted on the company’s vaccine, Salmogenics, to be used to protect poultry from Salmonella

The study, which stated that the vaccine appears to provide enough protection against all strains of Salmonella tested, was conducted by AHPharma Inc., an independent food safety and animal health research firm. The testing is an important step towards receiving U.S. Department of Agriculture approval for Salmogenics.  “Our patented Salmogenics vaccine is in the fourth and final phase required for USDA approval," said Dr. Mehran Ghazvini, chairman and CEO of Global Green. "The final report on the data in the study conducted by AHPharma is very encouraging and will be forwarded to the USDA.”


Testing was performed using 3,036 broilers, and the chickens injected in ovo with Salmogenics showed a significant reduction in Salmonella bacteria, according to the results.