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on May 21, 2012

Kathmandu chicken consumption down 33 percent due to strikes

Farmers face supply shortages, possibility of product dumping

Chicken consumption in Kathmandu, Nepal has dropped 33 percent as strikes have forced major consumers like restaurants and hotels to shut down, according to reports

Daily consumption of chicken is currently at 250,000 kilograms; restaurants and hotels consume roughly 40 percent of the capital city's chicken. “Demand from major markets has slowed due to banda and other forms of strikes called by various groups over the past few days,” said Jung Bahadur JC, president of the National Chicken Sellers' Association. “If the situation remained the same for coming few days, farmers will have no option but to dump their chicken ready for market.”

Area poultry farmers are also expressing worries about their feed supplies, said JC, as the strikes have disrupted supply lines and some farmers are already experiencing shortages.

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