There are many reasons for celebration this year. Of course, the Olympics will be held in London; for those Commonwealth countries 2012, it is a Jubilee year; Poultry International celebrates its 50th anniversary; and the World’s Poultry Science Association celebrates its centenary.

We are fortunate enough to help share in that centenary, and in the July issue you will find an editorial from current World’s Poultry Science Association president, Dr. Bob Pym. While the association may not have been around for as long as the domesticated chicken, it has certainly accompanied what we would call the modern poultry industry, helping to shape its development and disseminate best practice. Put simply, helping us all to have enough to eat.

Along with Dr. Pym’s excellent article, past presidents have also shared their views on the importance of the World’s Poultry Science Association and how it will adapt to future needs. I am delighted to extend my thanks to all who have contributed to this piece and allowed us to share in the celebrations.

And talking of enough to eat, this issue of Poultry International carries the results of our annual Nutrition and Feed Survey. There is cause for celebration here too!

The survey has revealed increased optimism in the industry, with 46 percent of respondents saying that profitability this year will be higher than last year. While, of course, there are regional variations, and high input costs remain a challenge, the industry seems more hopeful in 2012 than it was 12 months ago.

So if things are looking up, that’s a good reason to celebrate, and perhaps it is something that we all tend to do far too rarely. Recognizing our own achievements and those of others can act as a virtuous circle, instilling confidence, happiness or pride.


Whether it is recognition of something perhaps abstract and distant, for example that more hungry mouths have been fed this year, or something small and personal, such as making it to work on time in spite of a transport strike, it is good to recognize and celebrate achievement.

On a very personal note, whenever I eat out, if the service is particularly good, I always report it to the management. I sometimes report bad service too, but my thinking is whoever gave me that good service, if subsequently recognized by their manager, is likely to go home feeling good about themselves, and perhaps do an even better job the next day.

We can help to create these feelings in others, and we can help to create them in ourselves too if only we take the time.

Putting in that little bit of effort to recognize our own and the achievements of others is something that we should all do more often.