Four industry experts gave a wide range of opinions on how world agriculture can face the challenge of feeding the world's growing population during a Smart Debate at the 2012 Alltech Summit May 22. Opinions from the four varied widely, but all agreed that technology and education — of both the people in agriculture and the general population — are key in achieving that goal.

The panel consisted of Tom Arnold, CEO of Concern, Ireland; Sean Rickard, senior lecturer in business economics, Cranfield University, UK; Dr. Marcus Vinicius Pratini de Moraes, former minister of agriculture and food supply, Brazil; and Tom Dorr, CEO of U.S. Grain Council.


Agriculture's poor reputation, largely influenced by negative reporting in the mainstream media, was seen as a hinderance to the industry's success. "We have developed significant technology, and we have produced a good food system in the United States, yet we are seen in a negative light," said Dorr. "We have to get the word out."