The National Chicken Council has voiced its support for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service's proposed modernization of poultry slaughter inspection rule, saying that it believes such a rule will improve food safety and better protect public health.

The National Chicken Council said the proposal's success also depends on making additional clarifications and in illustrating how the rule will be implemented, such as:


  • recommending necessary implementation procedures
  • addressing the proposed sampling requirements
  • recommending changes to the inspection process for ready-to-cook standards
  • explaining why avian leukosis is not a condition of public health concern
  • recommending special training regarding septicemic and toxemic conditions
  • explaining why line speed should not be arbitrarily limited
  • addressing worker safety concerns
  • requesting clarification regarding online and offline antimicrobial use
  • addressing chilling requirements

“NCC and our members are committed to poultry production operations that ensure a safe, wholesome and abundant supply of poultry products for both domestic and international markets, and the poultry slaughter inspection system plays an important role in this process,” said the council.