The International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation has announced that, with the addition of factories in both Chile and Norway, 60 percent of the products produced by its members are being certified to its independent Global Standard for Responsible Supply for Fishmeal and Fish Oil.

The organization estimates that RS-certified factories produce material that now represents one-third of the world’s fishmeal and fish oil production, a significant step forward for the industry as a whole. To be certified, fishmeal and fish oil factories must demonstrate sourcing from well-managed fisheries and safe and traceable production. Assessments are conducted by an independent certification body. Two of the largest sustainably managed fisheries in the world, Peruvian Anchovy and Alaskan Pollock, have been approved for supply into the manufacturing food chain including whole fish and by-product raw material to produce certified fishmeal and fish oil.


The organization is taking the RS standard to the next level by ensuring that its certification body achieves ISO 65 accreditation for the standard.