The 22nd International Pig Veterinary Society Congress held its opening ceremony at 8 a.m. on June 11 in Jeju, Korea — the first time this congress was held in the country — with the theme of "Happy Pigs - Healthy People," focusing on pig diseases, pig health and animal welfare.

Dr. Dan Tucker, the event's Tom Alexander Memorial Lecture speaker, said that pig health underlies both pig welfare and public health. For better pig health, the industry should apply new technologies into combating diseases, with a trend of future research and development for scientists, veterinarians and producers.

The keynote lecture was given by Dr. Julio Pinto, the Food and Agriculture Organization's animal health officer, which highlighted swine emerging diseases. Pinto discussed how to see and combat those diseases by using the philosophy of “One Health": consider pig diseases, environment, management and public health as a whole, instead of treating all each issue separately.


The three-day congress consisted of 12 lead lectures and 277 concurrent oral sessions, covering the topics of diseases, pig production/nutrition/breeding, food safety, animal welfare, public health and other related issues. Satellite symposia were also held simultaneously by sponsors, including Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Pfizer, MSD Animal Health and Merial. More than 3,000 visitors from over 60 countries attended the congress. “It is the biggest congress we’ve ever had in IPVS history,” said Dr. Won Hyung Lee, president of International Pig Veterinary Society Congress 2012. “We are glad to see that all the visitors and exhibitors feel satisfied with the congress.”

The next congress will be held in Cancun, Mexico, and three countries are bidding to host the 2016 event: Brazil, China and Ireland.