The Indian government has set aside Rs 1.5 billion (US$26.9 million) to assist poultry estates and backyard poultry development, according to reports. The assistance will focus on one existing government component, Assistance to State Poultry Farms, and two new components, Rural Backyard Poultry Development and Poultry Estates.


“The Rural Backyard Poultry Development component is expected to cover beneficiaries from below poverty line to mainly enable them to gain supplementary income and nutritional support,” said Union Home Minister P Chidamabaram. It will assist roughly 385,000 beneficiary families by providing higher-potential birds through 1,285 mother units, which will rear the day old chicks up to 4–6 weeks. The Poultry Estates component will encourage taking up poultry farming in a clustered way scientifically, on a pilot basis, and initially only two estates will be set up.