There is an old saying that “from little acorns mighty oak trees grow.” While the poultry industry may not be raising trees, it certainly is the case that from a small egg a fully grown bird ready for slaughter is produced. 

It is interesting to think about what can emerge and grow from relatively small beginnings. In this issue we look at a pioneering producer in the organic egg industry who has grown to include other producers in his network. This serves as proof, if proof be needed, that taking the first step can lead to much greater things. 

Take, for example, the Internet. While its origins may go back much further, and while it may not have been designed for the uses that it is put to today, since the 1990s, the Internet has expanded in a way that few working on it in previous decades could have imagined. 

Yet, few actually see how much is available on the Internet. Some say that as much as 90 percent of what is on the Internet is out of easy reach. It can be hard to imagine, but one analogy might be a comparison of the pages of Poultry International with all the content that is available on


Obviously, I hope that we are doing the best possible job in supplying your information needs through the pages of Poultry International, but beyond the magazine there is a large and varied information resource available online. And this resource not only contains previously published material and articles that did not make it onto page, but also the current and archived issues of Poultry International’s sister publications. 

The next edition of Poultry International will be our 50th anniversary issue. You may already be aware that we are celebrating our half century. The next edition will show not only how the magazine has changed, but also how the industry has evolved over the last 50 years. A lot of effort has gone into trawling through back issues, and we hope that you will enjoy looking back. 

And just as things evolve, accessing Web-based services is not restricted to what we traditionally view as a computer, our content can now be accessed from numerous smart devices. I know that some are resistant to technology, but do take a look at all the resources that has to offer. One small step…

You will find online exactly what you are looking for or even something from which a mighty oak tree may grow.