Moark has plans to expand its Missouri business with 12 new layer and pullet houses for up to 1 million birds, according to reports.

Area residents, who unsuccessfully protested the last expansion, said they will not fight these latest plans. They previously cited a history of pollution by the company and pointed to concerns about odors and water quality, which they said would affect their ability to use their homes and would undermine their property values.


Moark contacted all residents who live within 4,500 feet (nearly nine-tenths of a mile) of the chicken houses and waste sites it plans to build. All waste generated by the birds will be collected and transported to a manure holding and composting building, where it will be kept dry and outside air will be blown over it to further dry it. The dry manure will be moved to a nearby composting operation or can be hauled off and applied to farm fields, where it is supposed to be spread according to state regulations.