Brazil has gone to the World Trade Organization to challenge South Africa's use of anti-dumping measures on shipments of Brazilian poultry meat, requesting consultations with the African country over accusations that Brazilian imports were sold at unfairly low prices that damaged South Africa's own poultry sales.

South Africa's International Trade Administration Commission imposed anti-dumping duties on frozen chickens and chicken meat imported from Brazil after investigating suspected dumping in 2008–2010. There is a provisional anti-dumping duty of 62.93 percent on whole chickens and 46.59 percent on boneless cuts from Brazil, except for boneless cuts from Aurora Alimentos, which incurs a duty of 6.26 percent.


This is the first dispute between Brazil and any African country, and the fourth brought against South Africa at the World Trade Organization. If the consultations fail to resolve the issue, in 60 days' time Brazil could ask the World trade Organization to set up a panel to adjudicate.