Lallemand Animal Nutrition has conducted a study on the potential role of digestive endotoxin on postpartum dysgalaxia syndrome, a mild form of Mastitis Metritis Agalactia (MMA), in sows, finding that a live yeast supplementation in peri-partal sows might be able to reduce the incidence of MMA.


The study showed a good relationship between endotoxin levels and clinical signs of MMA, and a company yeast product, yeastLEVUCELL SB, had a positive effect on the incidence of MMA on the study group of sows. Overall, the study supports that endotoxin derived from intestinal bacteria could be linked to the development of MMA. However, the low number of sows studied (26 — 11 control, 15 receiving yeastLEVUCELL SB) did not allow drawing firm conclusions about the effect of the live yeast on endotoxin transfer and further studies should be conducted with larger number of animals, according to Lallemand.