Chicken in the Dominican Republic can be sold for no more than 43 pesos (US$1.10) per pound, and unfair commercial practices which jeopardize consumers will not be tolerated, according to Pro Consumidor Director Altagracia Paulino. Paulino threatened to call for a chicken boycott to force vendors, middlemen and farmers to lower their prices.

"A pound of chicken can be sold for 40, 38 or 42, but not more than 43 pesos," said Paulino. "We’ll enforce Article 419 of the Penal Code on merchants who sell it for more than 43 pesos, which establishes penalties for speculation." She did make an exception for supermarkets, which she said can sell chicken for 45 pesos (US$1.15) per pound due to their additional expenses.


Further details of the agreement are expected on July 2.