Egg prices in Bangladesh have continued to rise in spite of the government's attempts to offset costs by loosening import restrictions, according to reports.

In the country's capital, eggs are selling for Tk 110–120 (US$1.34–$1.46) per dozen, up from Tk 80–85 (US$0.98–$1.04) per dozen in May. The daily egg supply stands at 150,000–160,000 pieces a day against Bangladesh's demand for 180,000 pieces, but prices are too high in other countries to make exporting a profitable venture, according to traders. In India, for example, a 40 percent drop in production due to bird flu outbreaks has caused egg prices to rise 67 percent, to roughly Rs 4 (US$0.09) each. Add in transportation and tax costs to exported eggs, and potential goods to Bangladesh aren't seeing profits.


Broiler chicken prices have also increased, to Tk 175–190 (US$2.13–$2.32) per kilogram, compared to Tk 145–150 (US$1.77–1.83) at the beginning of June. Overall, poultry sector leaders attribute the increase to the closure of 100,000 of the country's 150,000 poultry farms during the last five years, due in part to bird flu outbreaks.