Giordano Poultry Plast, a producer of plastic cages for poultry, is celebrating 50 years in business in 2012.

The company began in 1962 as Avicolplastica, a handicraft company specializing in aviculture equipment such as feeders, drinkers, slats, egg trays and poultry cages. Avicolplastica replaced traditional wood, metal and cardboard cages with plastic ones, extending their lifespans and improving their efficiency, according to the company. In 1974 that idea expanded in Giordano, and today the company produces over 150,000 plastic cages each year and exports 95 percent of its production to 65 countries on five continents.


More than 260 people from over 60 different countries arrived to Giordano's plant in Caraglio, Italy, to celebrate the company's first 50 years in business.