The last half-century has certainly seen the industry change and grow. In this issue, along with our regular content, we have taken a look back over what has made the pages of Poultry International.

The last five decades have been examined, and we’ve included a selection of magazine covers for each period. For those readers reading online, there are links to articles from as recently as last year and stretching right back to 1962.

Way back in 1962, the very first edition of Poultry International carried features on ventilation, debeaking, Israel, molting and disposal pits, and the World’s Poultry Congress, amongst other areas.

No industry exists in isolation, and our timeline demonstrates how the sector is part of something much bigger. We highlight not only technical breakthroughs and market development but the need for cost controls and political developments too.


With the passage of time, what seemed truly innovative in one decade may have become standard practice by the next, trends have come and gone, records have been beaten, new markets and companies have emerged, while old names have disappeared. Practices that now seem indispensable were, once upon a time only dreamt of.

Our anniversary edition truly demonstrates that over the last 50 years the poultry industry is a dynamic industry. It is always risky to predict the future, but a couple of elements can be predicted with certainty.

The demand for poultry meat will continue growing, as well as pressure on costs. These two aspects alone are enough to stimulate innovation and new ways of producing.

While we may now feel that we are engaging the most modern of practices, by the time Poultry International celebrates its centenary, our current methods will seem positively old-fashioned. Between then and now, Poultry International will continue to bring you the latest developments in the sector, helping business to grow and aiding in feeding the world.