Dominican Republic consumer rights group Pro Consumidor has chosen July 17 as a "day without chicken" in the country after producers, retailers and others involved in poultry selling could not come to an agreement on a price by July 4, according to reports. The boycott comes in spite of previous indications that an agreement might be reached.

On July 9, Pro Consumidor met with the House of Representatives’ Standing Committee on Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, and the producers and marketers of chicken.


The president of the Standing Committee on Agriculture, José Jáquez, announced the committee has scheduled the following meetings in order to agree on a price for chicken meat:

  • July 16: The commission will meet with producers and distributors
  • July 19: The commission will meet with slaughterhouse operators
  • July 20: The commission will meet with supermarkets and retailers
  • July 23: All above will meet again to define an appropriate price for poultry meat