Adding an enzyme supplement to a pig's corn-based diet may improve average daily gain, feed conversion and carcass quality, according to a study conducted by Adisseo. The company ran a Brazil study on pigs aged between 49 and 144 days, adding its own multi enzymatic product Rovabio Max to the pigs' feed.

In the experiment, the animals were split into three groups:


  • Positive control: regular diet without enzyme
  • Negative control: a diet decreased by 85 Kcal net energy/kg, 3% of protein and amino acids, 0.15% in available phosphorus and 0.10% calcium
  • Negative control + Rovabio Max

According to the results of the tests, the average daily gain and feed conversion were significantly better for pigs receiving the negative control plus Rovabio Max, even when compared with the results of the positive group. Adisseo said that the trials, in addition to other studies, confirm the positive effect of enzyme supplements like Rovabio Max on gut morphology, microbiota and digestibility of the diets for growing and finishing pigs.