ZAG is a nationwide umbrella organization representing the interests of broiler, turkey and egg producers in Austria and is dedicated to working in partnership with its members to help the industry grow responsibly and profitably.

Located in Vienna, among the association’s various activities, its main field of work is improving the production of its members and the marketing of their products.

The association is in regular contact with political, economic and scientific bodies relevant to its members’ interests as well as with the country’s media. In addition, it maintains contacts along the production chain from feed producers to consumer groups. Internationally, it is a member of the International Egg Commission and is in contact with AVEC.

ZAG not only disseminates information about the industry externally but also keeps its members abreast of developments, organizes conferences and publishes a journal.


Among members of ZAG are the individual poultry industry associations of the Austrian states of Burgenland, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Those egg producers that have their own price quotations are also members, as is EZG Frischei, which represents 160 member companies with 1.1 million laying hens.

The GGO broiler cooperative, which acts as a link between 300 broiler producers and slaughter plants, and the poultry health service, the QGV, are also members. For more information visit: